Research & Training


Research and training are core functions of the National Cancer Institute. The National Cancer Institute strives to maintain its education as the leading training institute for cancer related education. Continuous research is an essential part of daily hospital activities. By acquiring new evidence through investment in research, advances are made to the provision of quality healthcare services. You can read about the research activities of the NCI by accessing the researchers profiles. Training Graduates is essential for sustaining quality health services, and ensuring that knowledge is transferred optimally.

The National Cancer Institute serves as a training facility, exposing graduates to a wide variety of clinical activities – from educational programmes to patient management. Post graduate trainees from the specialties of clinical oncology, radiotherapy, surgical oncology and gynecological oncology are attached to the Institute for their respective training, leading to the degrees awarded by the Post- Graduate Institute of Medical University of Colombo. There are continuous medical educational activities to upgrade the knowledge of clinicians, postgraduate trainees, nurse and paramedical staff. Such activities may include journal clubs, clinical lectures and clinical audit. Both research and training are provided through a range of facilities, including the Auditorium, IT Lab, Library Facilities, Hospital Statistics Department, and designated Research Area (coming soon).