About Us

The National Cancer Institute is the leading cancer hospital, offering diagnostics and treatment through primary, secondary and tertiary care. Daily clinics run from the Outpatients Department (OPD); where the Consultants offer health advice in this primary care setting. The Consultants also offer specialist advice to inpatients in the wards.

There are over 20 wards in the hospital and 800 beds. The hospital provides specialist services in radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy to both adults and children. The specialist radiotherapy center offers a range of therapeutic treatment, including iodine treatment and cobalt therapy. The surgical complex is also located in the hospital, with a number of wards adjacent to support the surgical patients. Chemotherapy is also a major form of treatment, which is delivered both in the wards and in the chemotherapy day unit. In addition to the mainstream care services, the hospital provides numerous patient support services, such as counselling, physiotherapy and spiritual services.

The National Cancer Institute is also an established research and training center, with a focus on improving education and knowledge on cancer and its related disciplines.

Our Vision

To reduce the cancer burden primarily through focusing on advocacy by integrate with key national and international health development agendas to increase the resources for cancer prevention, early detection, cancer treatment and care.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive care through evidence based best practices ensuring patients safety, research education and training.


The National Cancer Institute of Maharagama, Sri Lanka was established in 1956 as a radiation treatment center for cancer victims, which consisted of three radiation therapy unit with ten wards for in wards patients.

The hospital was expanded dramatically during the past few decades to accommodate the ever increasing number of patients stricken with all type of cancers, and to those who are aware about cancers. Presently it is the largest hospital in Sri Lanka where specialized treatment is available for cancer patients, with sophisticated diagnostic and treatment techniques


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