Telephone Consultations

Due to the prevailing situation in the country, our hospital has initiated a telephone consultations service for our patients.

This service is available for you, from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Please make sure you call them only during the given time. Since there are many others just like you, who will be waiting to contact us, make sure that you keep your inquiries brief and precise.

Consultant’s NameSpecialityHotline number
Dr. Yasantha AriyarathnaOncology0701664714
Dr. Kanthi A PereraOncology0701664715
Dr. Damayanthi PierisOncology0701664718
Dr. Sujeewa WeerasingheOncology0701664720
Dr. Dehan GunasekaraOncology0701664712
Dr. Prasad AbeysingheOncology0701664725
Dr. T SkandarajahOncology0701664729
Dr. Laskhman ObeysekaraOncology0701664737
Dr. N JeyakumaranOncology0701664739
Dr. Umagowry SarawanamuttuOncology0701664767
Dr. Sanath WanigasooriyaHaemato-Oncology0701664780
Dr. Priyantha MadawalaHaemato-Oncology0701664786
Dr. Devinda JayathilakaHaemato-Oncology0701664833
Dr. Buddhika SomawardanaHaemato-Oncology0701664847
Dr. Panduka JayasekaraOnco-Surgery0701664860
Dr. Kanishka de SilvaOnco-Surgery0701664863
Dr. Mahanada UdukulaOnco-Surgery0701664862
Dr. Ariyathurai ParthiepanOnco-Surgery0701664869
Dr. Samanthi Premarathna
Dr. Chinthana Hapuachchige
Dr. Sarada Kannangara
Dr. Sujeewa Weerasinghe
Dr. Thushari Hapuarachchi
Palliative Unit0701664871
Dr. U Kumarasena
Dr. M Weerasekara
Dr. S Perera
Dr. W Meegoda
Dr. S Jayasooriya
Radiology Unit0701664873
Dr. Manori Bandara
Dr. Kasun Wasala
Medical Unit0701664874
Dr. Gayani WalpolaPain Management Unit0701664878
Counselling Unit0701664875
Physicist / Radiotherapist0701664876