Let's help each other. We can beat it, together.
We all are human.
We need protection.
We save lives.
Your help makes us stronger.
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We all know this is a time of uncertainty. Our country needs everyone to be safe and responsible. 

In this difficult time, we need your help to stay safe. And do what we do best, with confidence.

National Cancer Institute of Sri Lanka (Apeksha Hospital) caters a set of patients who are more vulnerable to COVID-19. We do everything possible to protect them, but as in all the other parts of the world right now, we are in short supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the hospital staff. 

Your helping hand will make us stronger and ensure patients’ safety.

Items In Need

Face Masks

Face masks offer protection from possible inhalation or droplet spray of infective particles.

Disposable overalls

Overalls make barrier between infective particles and underlying clothing, thereby minimising viral transmission.

Hand sanitiser

Medical grade hand sanitisers allow us to regularly clean hands while attending to patients.

what we have received so far...

Plaese contact us before you make your valuble contribution, so we can update you on what we need.

Donation Unit of Apeksha Hospital : Contact : +94 112 844 450