Counselling & Psychological Services

The National Cancer Institute Help Centre (PALs) aims to offer support and information to anyone affected by cancer.

The National Cancer Institute Help Centre is here to assist people living with cancer; people suspected to have cancer; patients’ families and friends; as well as the hospital workers involved in patient care. PALS work closely with clinicians and nurses at the National cancer Institute, and have links with local hospitals and community-based institutions.

We understand that the diagnosis of cancer will have a drastic impact on individuals, giving rise to all kinds of questions.

PALs are able to find answers to many of those questions, and through our services seek to:
–          Provide information about services at the National Cancer Institute
–          Signpost other Health and Social care resources, which may be available in the community (including cancer support groups, career support services)
–          Respond to any questions or concerns concerning your treatment and care

Support patients, their families and friends (PALs listen to all ideas and voices and tries to resolve any concerns about care or services)

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