Speech Therapy

The speech therapy unit provides service to patients who have speech, language or swallowing problems. Services are available on weekdays to inpatients and outpatients referred form the ward or clinics.

Patients who have throat cancer lose their voice completely after a laryngectomy (surgical treatment). Voice rehabilitation options for them include using a voice prosthesis, electronic larynx, or oesophageal voice. Patients can learn to use the option they select during the therapy.

Many people with head and neck cancer have trouble speaking clearly or have a change of voice after surgery or radiotherapy. Some find it hard to eat and drink or develop trismus (Difficulty opening the mouth). Patients who have brain tumours can have difficulty remembering and using words.

Speech therapy helps these patients to regain the functions is some cases or to compensate and reduce the problem to an acceptable level in others. Information and counseling is also provided to the patient and family.

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