Physiotherapy involves the treatment of the physical problems that may arise as a result of cancer and subsequent treatment. Physiotherapy therefore aims to improve the quality of patients’ lives. The Department is run by two government-qualified physiotherapists, who offer the physiotherapeutic treatment and assessment of both outpatients and inpatients daily.

A number of rehabilitation programmes are offered, including those aimed specifically for:

  • Pre- and post surgical patients undergoing radical oncological surgeries – thereby seeking to improve the quality of their lives
  • Inpatients who suffer from peripheral or central neuropathy (pain of the nervous system)
  • Outpatients – and home programmes consisting of exercises tailored to the patient’s specific needs.
  • Specific treatments for patients with lymphedema and spondylosis

The Department has a number of modern facilities, and includes a postural mirror – that assists in the assessment of patients who have postural defects. The postural mirror is currently the only one available across all the Departments of Physical Medicine in Sri Lanka.

Specific treatments include those for patients with lymphoedema (swelling of an arm or leg). Swelling can be reduced through therapeutic exercise, massage in elevation, and external appliances such as treatment with an intermittent compressing system (increasing and decreasing pressure around the limb on a time cycle). The compressing system is currently the only system available across the Departments of Physical Medicine.

For soft tissue injuries such as cervical spondylosis, stiff and painful joints, low back pain (all peripheral and vertebral joints) the Department offers treatment by passive movements (passive accessory and physiological movement).

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