Inpatient Care

The National Cancer Institute is the leading center in Sri Lanka to offer inpatient care for cancer patients. There are over 20 wards and 800 beds at the hospital – for both adult and children undergoing any type of treatment. Apart from general wards the hospital provides special Medical Intensive Care Units (MICU) as well as Surgical Intensive Care Units (SICU) – to assist those with additional care attention. The hospital aims to provide expert care and quality services for its inpatients. Under the 30 expert Consultants at the hospital there are over 200 doctors, 400 nurses as well as over 300 minor workers. Clinicians, nurses or minor workers are always available to assist patients during their inpatient stay. Each ward will have the necessary facilities for patients, including electrical appliances, toilet facilities and showers. Some wards will also have TV units. The hospital kitchen provides warm meals.

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