Radioactive Iodine Treatment

Radioactive iodine treatment is a radiotherapeutic technique.  During the treatment, patients are given iodine – which treats the cancer within the body. This technique is particularly used for patients with thyroid cancer.

A total of 24 patients are given iodine treatment monthly. The iodine ward has a total of six rooms where a maximum of six patients are placed under isolation. Patients will be requested to stay in the room throughout the treatment. These rooms are attached with bathrooms and toilets, and are provided with a satellite TV facility in order to keep patients occupied during their isolation.

In terms of health and safety, all necessary precautions have been adopted to prevent the hospital workers and patients and the general public form being exposed to radiation. Two delay tanks are located away from this area to collect and neutralize the urine and excreta of patients of the iodine ward. All radiation protection equipment and monitoring is carried out under the guidance of the Atomic Authority of Sri Lanka.

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