Microbiology & Infection Control

The Microbiology & Infection Control Department is found on the 2nd floor of the new laboratory complex. The Department carries out a full range of laboratory techniques on blood cells and cultures. During the patients visit to the hospital (as an inpatient) or as an outpatient, the doctors may take a blood test to be analysed by the Department of Microbiology and Infection Control.
The Department are directly responsible for carrying out microbiological diagnostic procedures.
The diagnostic facilities carried out by the Department include direct smear investigations, culture analysis, antibiotics sensitivity testing (ABST), and Hepatitis B detection.

In addition to the diagnostic facilities mentioned above, the Consultant Clinical Microbiologist and the medical team provide clinical advice related to the management of infectious diseases. This includes:

– Setting up infection control in the Hospital and developing a long-term strategy as well as timely and effective action for acute problems such as outbreaks

– Development of specific policies and guidelines for the implementation, surveillance and audit of infection control practices

– Arranging awareness programmes for hospital workers and ensuring the required infrastructure, personnel and funding
Providing expert advice regarding problems related to infection control

Other activities and achievements include the research activities, which are conducted.

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