The Haematology Department are responsible for carrying out laboratory investigations, including bone marrow examinations and coagulation studies. The other main responsibilities of the Department include support for patient care, training and research.  The scope of work is based on diagnostic Onco-Haematology,  and to assist the Clinical Oncology team of the hospital. The team includes two Consultant Haematologists, Registrars, Medical Officers, Laboratory Technicians and Assistants. (Link to Profile page)Bone Marrow Examinations

Every year 3000 bone marrow examinations are carried out including:

– Bone marrow cytology and cytochemistry

– Bone marrow Histology, immunohistochemistry and special staining tests

– Cytogenetic and molecular analysis of Bone marrow sample in collaboration with overseas laboratories

Coagulation Studies

– Coagulation studies are carried out, which measure the bloods ability to clot

Patient Care

– Management of Aplastic Anaemia Patients.

– Management of general haematological diseases

– Monitoring patients on long-term anticoagulants

Training (Clinical Medical Education)

– As the main Onco-haematology centre in the country for post-graduate medical education, the Department is responsible for training clinicians

– Provide training programmes for the Medical Laboratory technicians including foreign apprentices


The Department have had significant achievements in research, including awards for their studies. Involvement includes:

– Participation in scientific forums – Sri Lanka Collage of Haematologists

– Publication of research papers

Here is a link to their research page Research & Publications

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