The Biochemistry lab is full equipped with the facilities to carry out routine biochemical tests, such as functioning tests and tumour marker assays.

The Consultants carry out the tests to monitor the patient’s progress and assess how the body is working.
These tests are particularly important in assessing pre- and post- chemotherapy treatments, as well as pre- and post-surgical procedures. The laboratory is managed by the Consultant Chemical Pathologist – who oversees the work of the 7 medical laboratory technologists. The entire lab is fully maintained and assured to top quality.

The main types of functioning tests include liver and renal function tests, as well as urine tests:
– Liver function tests involves the measurement of serum bilirubin ALT, SLT, alkaline phosphates to monitor the function of the liver
–  Renal function tests involve the measurement of serum creatinine, blood urea and electrolytes to monitor the function of the kidney
– Urine tests are used to measure the body’s uric acid, electrolytes, protein, ketone bodies etc.

These tests are carried out using several facilities, including a fully automated biochemistry analyser (Mindray BS 300), Roche AVL ion selective electrodes, and a Hycel flame photometer.

Tumour marker assaying: is carried out using a Chemiluminescence technique.

Quality Assurance: The entire laboratory is quality assured through an internal quality control program as well as external programmer un by the Medical Research Institute, the Sri Lanka Accreditation Board and Aqualab- France.

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