CCC completes transit home for out-door cancer patients

The CCC Foundation dedicated its fruits of labour to the many cancer patients who seek a place to say during their treatment, as day patients at the National Cancer Hospital (NCI), inaugurated full operations of the 188 bedded transit home, within the hospital premises.

Ahmad Tea Group to finance Razavi’ Medical Complex

The London based Ahmad Tea Group would donate Rs. 850 million to build a new medical complex affiliated to the Maharagama Cancer Hospital. Amending its earlier claim that the Health Ministry was to recommence the ‘Hope’ Cancer Hospital Project, Ministry sources said on Thursday that Ahmad Teas was donating funds for the ‘Razavi’ Medical Complex (RMC).
The seven-story complex would comprise over 370 beds for adult patients, five operating theaters, 12 surgical ICU beds, Day chemotherapy Unit, Indoor and Outdoor Pharmacies, 19 paying beds, Neutropenic ward, Laundry and Sterilisation Department, Patient Canteen on each floor, Consultants offices, blood transport shooting facility between the complex and Pathology building, miscellaneous rooms for general amnesties such as consultants rooms and TV rooms.

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